When the client asks for “Something Different” from her Boudoir Portrait Session

Nikki came to me a couple of months ago for a boudoir portrait session and asked for “something different”. She didn’t want the standard boudoir session using the red velvet chaise lounge or a bed of soft pillows and a damask backdrop.

Well, when you come to a boudoir portrait studio, that is typically what you see! So it was time to get creative after the shoot. I shared with her my vision and she jumped on board. Here are a few of the finished images. Keep in mind all of these shots were taken on wood floors with a white backdrop.

So don’t be embarrassed to share your crazy ideas about your vision for your portrait session with Focal Instincts, as you can see anything is possible!

Once again thank you to Exotic High Heels for the fabulous leopard print heels! As you can see we even manipulated them a bit from the original gold leopard pattern. (Hello, they had to match the panties!)





About Kat Meezan

I am a photographer and owner of Focal Instincts Photography located in Corona, California. I specialize in local and destination weddings and fine art portraiture for women. I have been a photographer at heart for over 20 years and have made it my full time passion for the last 6 years. I find it very rewarding and fun to work with creative and inspiring clients from all over the world. I consider myself an artist producing highly stylized portraiture. I believe that within every woman a story is hidden, as a photographer it is my mission to reveal it.
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4 Responses to When the client asks for “Something Different” from her Boudoir Portrait Session

  1. Elizabeth Marrton says:

    WOW Kat. How creative and unique. I hope she loved them as much as everyone else will. You are such an incredible artist with your camera and ideas. I have always loved our bodies as am art form and you capture it in all its beauty. I am always telling folks about you. They are missing out on being presented at their best if they choose to use any other photographer. Catch you later. Elizabeth

  2. Great pics… Love the heels… 😉

  3. Jamie says:

    Kat, they look fantastic!

  4. Kelly says:

    Love her tattoos. Great shots!

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