When Photography Becomes Art

I recently attended an awesome Digital Painting Artistry Retreat taught by Corel Painter Master, Karen Sperling. Karen is an inspirational instructor who actually wrote the first manuals for Corel Painter (a very complex but amazing digital painting program).  After so many years of working with this program and teaching, she is still extremely passionate about painting and about watching photographers become artists. Here is a look at my final project from this artistry retreat which was created from a photograph of dancers and a landscape background image.

Final project for Artistry Retreat



This image was creating by first painting  a photograph  of the dancers, then adding a scenic floral background by taking it from another image and painting it into this image. (I’m sure Karen could explain that better, but I’m guessing you get it.)







Since taking the retreat I have made it a point to paint a little bit each day, it’s definitely a process that you could easily forget so much if you don’t practice.  I decided to paint a boudoir image here I took of model, Stacey Rodriguez, you can see the before and after of the same image:

Stacey's Boudoir

Stacey before and after

I’m very excited to one day offer this service to my clients. Either with photographs that I have taken, or photographs which may have been taken long which clients may wish to preserve with an heirloom quality digital painting on canvas.

This artistry is going to add even more drama with my Drama in the Dress sessions. Here is an image I panted from a recent Drama in the Dress session with Kimberly. Kimberly wore an amazing wedding dress with (and on) her horse Tootsie!

Kimberly & Tootsie

Kimberly & Tootsie

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my artwork here soon!




About Kat Meezan

I am a photographer and owner of Focal Instincts Photography located in Corona, California. I specialize in local and destination weddings and fine art portraiture for women. I have been a photographer at heart for over 20 years and have made it my full time passion for the last 6 years. I find it very rewarding and fun to work with creative and inspiring clients from all over the world. I consider myself an artist producing highly stylized portraiture. I believe that within every woman a story is hidden, as a photographer it is my mission to reveal it.
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2 Responses to When Photography Becomes Art

  1. Matabram says:

    we will never has “stop” to explore the women.nice job…

  2. so like degas. like very much. thanks.

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